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Over the last few years, I’ve been formalizing a system that embraces online tactics for creating digital referrals to business professionals. Each week focuses on a different tactic in a customizable system that generates real opportunities. The course is delivered via email several times a week, with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and downloadable materials you can implement right away.

Launching January 2012.

About Howard Yermish, human

People often wonder how a conservatory trained composer wound up in the technology field. Of course it makes perfect sense to me. Just consider that we are all very interesting human beings. Sometimes the path to today is more interesting than obvious.

But you are here for a reason, right? Perhaps you are interested in having me help with your online strategy and marketing, something that I do for businesses and organizations of all sizes. You may have just heard me speak or attended one of my workshops and you are now looking for extra resources to learn even more. Maybe someone suggested that you come to one of my upcoming seminars.

Even stranger still are those of you that want to hear my music. It is all here, waiting for you to listen to for free. And if you want to perform one of the pieces, make sure to drop me a line.